The Renewed Marriage Project


Are you and your partner glorified roommates?  

You live symbiotically with each other but there is no spark - let alone sex!

Do you ever question, “Is this as good as it gets?”

Can you even remember the last time you had rockin’, totally orgasmic sex?

 (did you just make an excuse as to why it’s been “so long”?)



Hi we’re Lexi & Larry,

And we struggled a lot, but hid it because this was supposed to be the “happiest time of our life”.

I wasn’t vibing with my “mom-bod” and felt that I wasn’t “bouncing back” as quickly as I should.

We became glorified roommates with little communication let alone romance!

We thought it would all work out in its own with time - it DIDN’T!

It wasn’t until we learned that COMMUNICATION CHANGES THE GAME, ROMANCE IS THE KEY, and TIME IS BUT A TOOL that we began designing a life we could thrive in.

We actively strengthen our marriage everyday and have a damn fun-time doing it!



The Renewed Marriage Project from glorified roommates to vibrantly intimate!

A 30-day interactive course resulting in more sex, understanding of needs, communication, and overall more passion!

In this home study course we walk together step-by step to create the vibrantly intimate relationship you crave! Each module contains a section for separate exploration (one for you and one for hubs), as well as a joint practice. With workshops, videos, and homework - we renew your marriage in just 4 weeks!

The Renewed Marriage Project is a bestseller for a reason! You will have a new-found level of intimacy in your relationship through powerful communication tools, a vibrant inner-confidence and a desire to sexually connect with your partner.

  • INCREASE SECURITY IN YOUR PHYSICAL SELF - so you can live confidently!

  • FUEL SEXUAL DESIRE - necessary for a vibrant marriage!

  • UP-LEVEL COMMUNICATION - through proven-powerful tools!

What’s included?

  • 12 interactive videos

  • 12 worksheets to explore and expand your intimacy!

  • 4 weeks of assignments that will COMPLETELY shift your marriage. You can think of this “homework” as your new best friend!

  • Email Support


  • My signature Intimacy Workshop! ($400 value)


The time is now!

If you answered “YES,” “YES” and “YES” AGAIN, and if you can feel your heart quickening with the promise of a marital renewal then click SIGN ME UP!

Or, you can back to business as usual…

Back to feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated, fighting with your husband and feeling uncomfortable in your skin. Left counting the weeks since you’ve had sex, but dreading the moment it is initiated. Wondering why you aren’t one of “those couples”.

(You know the ones who have perfect Insta feeds, go hiking together, live in an all-white masion, and are both smokin’ hot)

From the outside, I may look like I am one of the “lucky” ones, but come on momma - dig a little deeper and you”ll discover that we struggled, HARD…

Until we learned the exact skills we are about to share with you!