Frequently Asked Questions


P.S. The fact that you even googled this makes you a fricken ROCKSTAR! This act alone separates you from the rest!

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But I am already working on my marriage? Can’t I do it on my own…?

Well let me ask you this? IS YOUR MARRIAGE THRIVING? Right now in this moment are you living your marraige by design? If your answer is YES... then perhaps this program is not for you. The fact is - if you were going to do this on your own; you would have done it by now. Why not give yourself the gift of the support you need? You deserve it momma!

How involved does my spouse need to be?

Your spouse will not be involved in our calls (that is counseling). I do encourage you two to discuss what you are learning and apply it to your family. That being said, your spouse participating in the two BONUS workshops is crucial for success. The workshops will evaluate your roles in the family, communication, and sex! 

I’m not a new mom? Can this program help me?

One renewed pair is designed for moms-in-mind. Whether your baby is 3 weeks or 3 years. The coaching will help shift you back into the driver’s seat of your life- and reteach you to drive the car!


We aren’t technically married. Can we still do the program?

Yes- my requirement is a committed relationship!