Why Your Esteem is CRUSHING Your Marriage

When you don't feel super fly, you probably aren't confidently diving in between the sheets! But actually, your low esteem is causing WAY more damage in your marriage than that. When women, especially new mothers experience, low-esteem they tend to "over-compensate" - essentially proving their worth to everyone else by doing, and being it all.

How Being a Working Mom Affects Your Marriage

Okay lovely ladies, this is part 1 in a 2 part serious all about how your work status shifts up your marriage. Now here's the deal - not one of these is "better" than the other and I in NO WAY intend to shame any momma ever. That being said, both working and SAHM moms experience different trials and tribulations in their marriage. So let's go over 'em (awareness is key) and talk about how you can start mending this unhealthy marital dynamics.