How Being a Working Mom Affects Your Marriage

How Being a Working Mom Affects Your Marriage

Working Moms and SAHM - how these dynamics SHIFT your marriage?

Okay lovely ladies, this is part 1 in a 2 part serious all about how your work status shifts up your marriage. Now here's the deal- not one of these is "better" than the other and I in NO WAY intend to shame any momma ever. That being said, both working and non-working moms experience different trials and tribulations in their marriage. So let's go over'em (awareness is the key) and talk about how you can start mending this unhealthy marital dynamics.

This week I am going to be covering- when BOTH parents work full-time! Don't worry my mommas who are slaying it at home, I am going to be diving into your situation next week (stay tuned!)

When you are a working mom, it means just that - you are working AND/ WHILE momming. Here is what I find with my working clients.

  • They want to do it all!

  • And, they DO do it all!

I find that my career ladies can work at the speed of light, are ultra efficient, and are typically killing the game - BUT they also lean more towards a Type A perfectionist.

Love ya ladies! Here is why this is crushing your marriage...

You are so hell bent on doing it all, to prove your worth. Which seems harmless EXCEPT your husband has no idea where he fits into that picture.

If you are doing it all and making it look easy while secretly feeling extremely unsupported then I can guarantee your husband feels like a third wheel and does not feel needed (ouch).

I could actually (literally) write a book on this particular martial dynamic that plummets relationship satisfaction, but I'll leave you with this.


Let your husband in on the family for goodness sake! Let him give the baths tonight, let him pay the electric bill, let him hire your weekend sitter. He's a grown-ass man and I can guarantee he's capable of all of this.

Seems simple right? NOT! I can also guarantee that he will do it differently then you and probably not as efficiently....

My motto? If the baby isn't in danger then let him do his way. BREATHE!

Do you fall into this maternal gatekeeping trap? Are you the momma who is killing the game but secretly feels insecure in her relationship?

I literally have the tools you need to HEAL this- which means you will revive a healthy, sexy, and vibrant marriage after baby!

Want to know how? Fill out this form with your burning questions!

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