Why Your Esteem is CRUSHING Your Marriage

Why Your Esteem is CRUSHING Your Marriage

I recently did a live workshop-style training in our private Facebook group all about skyrocketing your mom-bod CONFIDENCE!

Here are my biggest tips and why this matters SO much:

There is the obvious reason - When you don't feel super fly, you probably aren't confidently diving in between the sheets! But actually, your low esteem is causing WAY more damage in your marriage than that. When women, especially new mothers experience, low-esteem they tend to "over-compensate" - essentially proving their worth to everyone else by doing, and being it all.

Sound like you momma? The woman who has it all together? Beautifully managing the home, motherhood and a career?

Only secretly feeling disconnecting from themselves and their partners. Changing your outfit a few times before stepping out the door to look "just so". Harboring resentment for your man because he is not supporting you?

Okay - now take a deep breathe! All of that… the perfect facade you have created is stemming from one thing - a low sense of worth!

You are probably thinking, "YES, this is me but what does that have to do with my marriage?" EASY! Your man wants to give, he wants to be needed!!!! He is craving to be a part of your family and is currently feeling like the third wheel to your MVP status. What does this lead to? Imbalance, resentment, bickering AND ultimately unhappiness...

Sound a little scary?

Ready for my tip - LET GO! Throw your hubs a task and then let him do it his way! Then keep doing that... It sounds simple but is so hard for so many of us because "doing it all" and being "in control" is where we receive our validation and confidence!

That my friends is why your esteem is CRUSHING your marriage...

Did you know that I spend the first 4 weeks of my private coaching program, One Renewed Pair ONLY on esteem?

It is because it is the #1 problem spinning you round and round in the glorified roommate cycle!

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