Module 1

The Renewed Marriage Project


Do you ever question, “Is this as good as it gets?”

Can you even remember the last time you had rockin’, totally orgasmic sex?

 Did you just make an excuse as to why it’s been “so long”?

Then you need to invest in rekindling your marriage with Module 1 of The Renewed Marriage Project.



Module 1 of the The Renewed Marriage Project from glorified roommates to vibrantly intimate!

A do it at your own pace interactive course resulting in more recognition, communication, and overall feelings of worthiness!

In this home study course we walk together step-by step to create the vibrantly intimate relationship you crave! Module 1 contains a section for separate exploration (one for you and one for hubs), as well as a joint practice. With workshops, videos, and homework - we spark the fire to renew your marriage in just 1 module!

What’s included?

  • 3 interactive videos - 1 as a couple, 1 for mom, and 1 for dad.

  • 3 worksheets and assignments to explore and expand how to become a 50/50 team & a united pair!

  • Email Support


  • My signature Intimacy Workshop! ($400 value)