You could roast a marshmallow on your FIRE marriage!


WOWZA! Your marriage is steamy! Sure, there are a few things you and hubs could work on- but same, girl, same! Overall you are handling marriage after baby like the teammates you are! Crushing it! I can tell how important your marriage is to you and that you are making it a priority in your life. You know that a strong marriage is the foundation of your growing family! You are a total inspiration of what it means to put your marriage first! 

So where do you go from here? Well you keep on killing the game and giving your marriage all the attention and care it deserves! Want to inspire and share with others? Join our free, private FB community for moms just like you! In this group we ask for advice, share funny stories, and support one another as we navigate how to have a healthy, sexy, and vibrant marriage after baby! See you in there!