You are in the glorified roommate cycle!


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-Lack of connection

-Little intimacy


- Just no FUN

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“Please for yourself, if you feel stuck or hopeless, I promise you there's a way out and Lexi was that help for me.”

-Mom of 2

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“I was totally just thinking about how much this coaching has changed my relationship. My husband and I are totally having fun again, and we have been laughing so much! It’s beautiful!”
— Mom of 2
“So thankful for the guidance I received from Lexi. I always looked forward to the weekly check ins and the challenges/homework. When I started with Lexi, I was in a really dark place in my relationship and in loving myself. I had little hope of anything getting better, I was genuinely scared it couldn’t get any better. Thanks to the program I am feeling better than ever with myself and my relationship. I went from little self love to my self love skyrocketing! Which then helped that love in my relationship shine. Our bond gets better every day and the love I have for myself now pours out over my husband, friends, and family. Please for yourself, if you feel stuck or hopeless, I promise you there’s a way out and Lexi was that help for me.”
— Mom of 2
“Honestly, this was a really hard choice for me to make, hiring a coach. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I was sure that I was in a bad place. I was unhappy with myself and my marriage and this relationship could not have come sooner. Let me be totally honest though, it is UNCOMFORTABLE! This is not an easy process, but it is one of the most rewarding things I have done for my myself as a woman, mom, and wife. I used to watch hours of TV a day and personal growth fell to the wayside and I was choosing TV shows over connecting with my husband. I used to have this mindset that “Oh great, it’s Wednesday, he’s off work so he’s going to want to have sex. How do I get out of it?” This has TOTALLY changed. Now, my tune is a whole lot different. My thought process is, “Oh snap, it’s Wednesday!!” We are more playful and getting in touch with those sides we had forgotten about, which makes things a lot more exciting. Not to mention other areas of our relationship are improving everyday, like communication and sharing the load of chores and parenting. I don’t know what’s holding you back, but I don’t have any idea where my marriage would be headed if I hadn’t jumped in feet first to this experience.”
— Mom of 1