How my husband feels about the bedroom after baby


We were both there when it happened...when an actual 7 lb watermelon came-not so gracefully- shooting out of me. In that moment sex was obviously the furthest thing from our mind- but 6 weeks later it was the first.

Everyone has a different experience with this “first time back in the ring” experience. Don’t believe me? Give it a quick google…

Okay so we survived (not thrived) through that and after a few rounds we are good as new.

But I wondered- how does he really feel about me body- specifically my feminine body- after watching me give birth?

So- for research purposes-your welcome. I asked!

Here we go ladies,

How My Husband Feels in the Bedroom After Baby

(a summary)

At first he was as dang nervous as me- I mean that was a lot. But he was also extremely proud. During labor he expressed that it was the most helpless he has ever felt. Watching the person who love more than anything violently scream F-bomb after F-bomb and not being able to do anything to help honestly MAY sound worse than labor (may)

Anyway, I digress.

He was proud, slightly grossed out, and a little nervous (I mean, ditto)

So we spend 6 weeks in baby bliss, terrified of everything, not sleeping, and just doing our dang best.

Then-it is time! Now we went with the bandaid method people and just went for it!

He says that it felt a hell of lot different (LOL-honesty) so we mutually gave up for a few weeks. He recalls about about 9 weeks pp we got back on the horse and straight from my husbands mouth it.was.good.

Back to the original question?

My husband thinks I am more beautiful than ever, feel better than ever, and is proud of me everyday. He also thanks biology because he says he can’t recall all the gory details.

TRUTH: your husband feels the same way. It is you that is self- conscious momma.