I’m showing you how to revive a healthy, sexy, & vibrant marriage after baby.

In this free 25 minute Mini Class, I’ll reveal:

  • The number one issue why your husband is distant & has nothing to do with him!

  • My signature workshop for getting the spark back!

  • How to know what is "normal" and what is not.

  • Hear from moms going through exactly what you are in their marriage!

  • My biggest tip for increasing sex-drive!

Join me to learn how to revive your marriage & hear stories from an amazing community of moms just like you!


Lexi Powell


After having my first baby, my husband and I struggled a lot… but hid it because this was supposed to be the “happiest time of our life”.

We became glorified roommates with little communication let alone romance!

I thought it would all work out on its own with time - it DIDN’T!

It wasn’t until I learned that COMMUNICATION CHANGES THE GAME, ROMANCE IS THE KEY, and TIME IS BUT A TOOL that I began designing a life I could thrive in.


“So thankful for the guidance I received from Lexi. I always looked forward to the weekly check ins and the challenge homework. When I started with Lexi, I was in a really dark place in my relationship and in loving myself. I had little hope of anything getting better, I was genuinely scared it couldn't get any better. Thanks to her I am feeling better than ever with myself and my relationship. I went from little self love to my self love skyrocketing! Which then helped that love in my relationship shine. Our bond gets better every day and the love I have for myself now pours out over my husband, friends, and family. Please for yourself, if you feel stuck or hopeless, I promise you there's a way out and Lexi was that help for me.”